Description and features

Fully automated EG-MULTIFUEL biomass boiler adapts perfectly to the heating needs of your house, workshop, company office, production plant as well as public offices, schools, kindergartens, hospitals etc.
EG-MULTIFUEL IS easy-to-use, compact, cost-effective, and, most importantly, safe.

Optimal combustion process is ensured through an automated fuel feeding system which is integrated with a system removing ash from the burner.

This boiler can effectively burn pellets and agro waste pellets of varied granulation and quality, straw and grass pellets, sunflower husks, paper as well as wood chips, wood shavings, briquettes, nut shells, nut seeds, straw briquettes and chopped straw.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers a wide range of automation systems for feeding and storing fuel for virtually all types of installations.

Power range in the series: 20kW to 600kW

Highest - 5th class EN 303-5:2012 norm


5-year warranty5-year warranty
automated ash removal systemautomated ash removal system
automated ignition systemautomated ignition system

Additional informations

  • very high efficiency of the device
  • advanced automation
  • innovative, automated heat exchanger cleaning system
  • automated system for ash removal from the furnace
  • lambda probe
  • safety of operation
  • modern design
  • innovative heat exchanger design
  • long lifetime of the ceramic burner
  • high quality components
  • low operating costs by using the cheapest fuels on the market
  • wide range of fuels and moisture up to 30%
  • wide range of powers available

  • Principles of operation
1. Fuel feeder
2. Ash removal system
3. Burner
4. Ash removal screw
5. External removable ashpan
6. Control panel
7. Water jacket
8. Water jacket insulation
9. Exhaust Fan
10. Exhaust gas outlet
11. Water supply
12. Water return
13. Heat exchanger cleaning mechanism revision


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