Heating plants

We are proud to present an extensive range of Tier 1 quality biomass systems and heating related products. Our aim is to exceed our client’s expectations by efficiently and consistently delivering quality installations to effective deadlines. This enables us to keep the most competitive prices in the country due to acombination of precise project management and strong economic relationships with our manufacturing partners.


Biomass boiler installations are one of the technologies which are eligible to claim the government subsidy called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Qualifying installations are therefore able to profit from not only the embedded environmental benefits associated with renewable heating systems but also from a government backed income stream awarded for each kilowatt-hour of renewable heat which is generated. There are two types of RHI: 


The commercial scheme lasts for 20 years and is available for systems powering commercial enterprises or multiple domestic properties (i.e. district heating). These installations are paid for each kWh of metered renewable heat generated by the system. Once an installation has been commissioned and accredited on the RHI scheme the tariff banding achieved is set for 20 years and inflation linked. It is government backed and so essentially acts as an extremely high yielding government bond!


The domestic scheme lasts for 7 years and qualifying installations are paid on a quarterly basis for each kWh of deemed usage at the property. Deemed usage is calculated by an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC); An EPC certificate is issued by a qualified assessor who calculates the estimated annual heat usage in kWh required for your property. The domestic RHI awards a fixed quarterly payment (annually linked to inflation) for each kWh calculated in this way, similar to the commercial RHI except the heat generation is not metered but instead it is estimated.